The beauty of Harmonic Elliott Wave is in its truly fractal nature, inherent logic and adherence to Fibonacci and Harmonic ratios that weave a web of consistent wave relationships throughout the wave degrees.

At its core is the requirement for all waves to develop with natural wave relationships for each respective wave that generate matching targets from all levels of wave degrees.

That these relationships are present in all time frames and all wave degrees from the one-minute charts to monthly charts implies an organic and universal process of price development.

The result is a combination of reduced subjectivity and a dramatically improved ability to forecast, often with extreme accuracy.

At last, a wave structure that produces the beauty of a fully fractal and harmonious work of nature that has been promised but never delivered.

Based on a minor change to R.N. Elliott's structure it generates greater understanding of price development and greater accuracy in forecasting:

Watch videos describing the re-organisation Ian has made to R.N. Elliott's impulsive wave structure that has unleashed the forecasting power.

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