Ian began his career in Barclays Bank's head office foreign exchange trading room in 1982 acting as a corporate advisor to major U.K., European and U.K. based Japanese clients. In 1988 he moved to the bank's Hong Kong trading room to head the sales desk. In 1989 he began to study technical analysis. Frustrated by the inability for traditional technical analysis to be able to forecast price movements he studied Elliott Wave with a significant following becoming well known for his daily commentary on the Reuters and Dow Jones Telerate market pages.

In 1993 he moved to Dow Jones Telerate in Tokyo as the technical analysis specialist and provided seminars for Japanese clients and later for Telerate's Asian clients and on global seminar tours. After Telerate replaced TeleTrac with Omega TradeStation he became known as "Mr TradeStation" due to his knowledge of Easy Language and both system & indicator development.

After a brief period in a start up company he then began to offer a daily Forex forecasting report for retail clients. During this period his frustration with Elliott Wave along with his intense desire to provide accurate forecasts led him to discover the misjudgment R.N. Elliott made with the Wave Principle. With a stubborn fastidiousness he pieced together a modification to the original Wave Principle that both defines the correct structural development and unearthed the common ratios that identify related waves.

By painstaking attention to relating the fractal price movements that constitute the next larger degree waves and matching these with the expectations drawn from the next larger wave degree he has been able to solve an issue that has confounded Elliott Wave followers for many years.

Ian has lived in Asia for over 22 years and has settled in Japan with his Japanese wife.

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