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At the very basic level this is the only change. As you can see the directional (impulsive) waves also develop in three waves each. So Waves (i), (iii) and (v) are comprised of an ABC move. It's not revolutionary when first seen as it is basically a diagonal triangle. However, the power lies in the wave relationships. These are described on the Fibo & Harmonics page. It is this combination that provides the awesome power of the structure.

Each Wave b will be related to the prior Wave a while Wave c will also be a projection of Wave a. In turn, Wave (iii) is related to Wave (i) and the target for Wave (iii) must also match with a relevant projection of the internal Wave c. Wave (iv) is related to Wave (iii). Finally, Wave (v) is a ratio of the distance from the start of Wave (i) to the end of Wave (iii) and projected from the correction in Wave (iv).

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