Are you frustrated with the use of the classical Elliott Wave (CEW) analysis because it feels so close to the ultimate solution and yet so many times it falls short of the desired results? I was. I really wanted to find something where I would feel like not being at the constant mercy of trading gods. A methodology that would allow me to dissect a pattern and know with a high level of confidence what the pattern is and whether it is over.

Enter Harmonic Elliott Wave (HEW). Its harmonic ratios and pertinent rules put everything in its place. Now I can explain price movements that were before just complex corrections which I had to wait for to unravel themselves but by then the trading opportunity was many times already over.

Buy Ian’s book and check for yourself. Apply the methodology to the market of your choice and become fascinated by its accuracy. Then you will move from CEW to HEW and your trading will improve.

Robert Bric, Slovenia

Just a little mail to let you know that I am flabbergasted by your harmonic wave theory. It all fits to a T. Amazing, that's all I can say. Even very small subwaves fit completely, I can scalp like never before, averaging 50 pips per day in these volatile days. I can't believe what I see...
Sometimes I get my count not completely right, but your dailies will be my lighthouse in the night. This gives so much confidence, that I just can't stop dancing around my desk... consider me you greatest fan ;-)

Jan De Landtsheer, Belgium

To be honest, you stand out in this market where most have got the moves wrong...

R.K. Gurumurthy, Mauritius

I have been reading your reports and you have more than proved yourself over other so called Elliotticians.

Christopher Amott, U.K.

Your willingness to provide time for individual subscribers is second to none. It genuinely sets you apart and is much appreciated. You offer a very detailed form of analysis, with warnings on what to look for in case the analysis goes pear shaped. I can see a day trader in the Euro or US timezones being able to use the information almost regardless of what the markets decide to do on a given day.

Greg Taylor, Australia

You are doing a fantastic job. I can't help admiring how you manage to make such exact trading set ups most of the time.

Sergey, Russia

Harmonic Elliott Wave (HEW) is the work of Ian Copsey, an exceptional analyst who has modified the original impulse structure to enable him to forecast future prices with stunning accuracy - sometimes months in advance, within a few pips... HEW utilises harmonic derived fibonacci ratio's to forecast likely stalling points in price and in turn provides a more logical framework to count waves.

Matt, Sydney

I am a part-time trader, who was struggling to understand how to use Elliott Wave processes to identify and manage my trades. I had great difficulty – the Elliot Wave counts “didn’t add up,” – something I couldn’t defend logically, but something I experienced over and over – a frustration with the method. Then, one night while I was surfing the web, I found Ian Copsey’s “Harmonic Elliott Wave,” theory, in which he basically said Elliott got it almost right, but the part that he didn’t’, last 10% will make a huge difference in your ability to forecast and manage your trades. I downloaded his free spreadsheet, bought his book, and then began to apply his method. I achieved favorable results, but wanted to know more so I signed up for his training class. I found it to be tremendously valuable. Ian was quite patient in explaining his ideas and was more than willing to take my trading challenges and work through them. Four months after the training – I am making steady profits using his process.

Charles Fleetham, Michigan

I am extremely happy that I stuck with you. At the time you twisted my rubber arm to continue with the original subscription I had been suffering from a string of advisors many of whom were well-intentioned but could not unfortunately, for me , chew gum and walk straight at the same time - I mean from an analysis point of view. It was a bit like dining "al fresco" in the middle of a hurricane....
By studying your commentary, I now have a good understanding of the market and the various cross-currents that are taking place. Not only that, I am starting to get some home runs. Anyway - this is just a token of my appreciation for your hard work.
Alan, U.S.A.

It was just like a miracle! With your commentary as a guide for trading, I made profits over HKD120,000.00 in 10 days, since the day I started reading your commentary! I made over 30 trades and only 3 were kicked out! All others made good profits.

Your precise commentary became a solid backup of my belief in trading, that's all and enough. Trading skills are important, but in FX market (especially in high leverage trading), the psychological status directly dominates the trading results, that's what your commentary did and well done!

Michael, Macau

I will say that your Harmonic Elliott Wave is incredible, and it has completely changed my trading for the better. I will never go back to standard Elliott Wave.

Stephen Garrison, U.S.A.

I went through you report thoroughly yesterday and found it accurate and profitable. I closely follow your calls on jpy, euro and gbp. Besides these your weekly report on gold and aud. I am still amazed on the level of precision you give. Brilliant!!! I am happy to be your customer and will recommend anyone to subscribe to you.

Mahesh Nair, U.A.E.

I finally feel like I am in the driver's seat projecting future moves using harmonic ratios rather than retrospectively forcing wave labeling just by eyeballing the chart. Exactly the points that you make in your book are proving true in real time, including 3-wave impulsive moves. The two-pronged approach to pinpointing targets using ratios in different degrees is proving especially useful. I am so glad I found your site!

Shin, U.S.A.

I've been meaning to write to tell you that the analysis methodology in your latest book is spot on in terms of how you apply and use it. While I do generate my own analysis each day I like to match with your analysis. I still believe that's the best way someone can make money with your report. By using this methodology the past two months have produced by far the best P/L since I began trading on my own. The year, as well, is well into record territory.

Doug Schaff, U.S.A.

I was working with the spreadsheet on Silver and one of the clues was that the alternation between wave ii and iv was not good � nor any wave b to offset. (maybe something is amiss.) When I changed the labelling, the spreadsheet agreed that the new count was more favourable as alternation was much better. Obviously this is old hat for you but each day for me is like a new frontier to explore. The webinar provided a map and the daily upates/videos are all guidepost as well. Thanks again for helping me learn the HEW process.

Lowell, Philippines


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